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MacBook Not Connecting to Wireless Network FIXED

Following my blue screen of death incident before the end of the year, I upgraded to a MacBook Pro – it’s my first foray into the world of Apple computing – and it’s been a generally excellent experience so far.  Among other concerns that have been allayed, I have not had a problem accessing files on my networked backup server.

One problem, however, was access to my home wireless network.  It is a Belkin router with WPA encryption enabled. The MacBook accessed it properly earlier – but stopped working entirely a few days ago.

A quick internet search revealed that this is not a unique problem.  I followed a number of basic and advanced self-help guides that included:

  • Start/restart the router and modem
  • Verify the password and encryption settings (use WPA) via ethernet connection to the router (use Explorer or Safari with an ip address of [Linksys] or [Belkin and others]) 
  • Delete existing settings by navigating to Finder-Mac HD-Library-Preferences-System Configuration and delete the files marked airport preferences and network identification – empty the trash and restart the computer => try to log back on to the network
All of that didn’t work – AND your PC is accessing the wireless network without a problem?  Don’t spend 40 minutes on hold with Apple Care like I did –  change the password.  That’s right – I changed the password and was able to log in without a problem.

Maybe it’s coincidence, or something that contributed to the problem, but it also helped my Droid X access the wireless router – I had also experienced Wi-Fi conection problems with that device as well.

EDIT – I have also noticed when connecting to a friend’s network, etc, a conflict or connectivity problem arises when I try to connect both the macbook and another wireless device such as Wii or Droid.  As explained above, the password change solves it – but I find I have to turn one off if it would be otherwise impolite to ask to change the wireless password.  I have not thoroughly researched the phenomena – or experimented with re-creating it – merely anecdotal observation at this point.

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