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iPad in the Courtroom- My Yellow Pad and Briefcase, all-in-one

Last spring, my mother suffered an injury that left her, temporarily, unable to use her computer mouse.  As she is a very wired person, my sister and I thought it best to buy a tablet so that she can keep up with her busy, digital life during recovery.  I bought one for myself too, despite having held off temptation for so long.  I thought it would be just a toy.     

I was very wrong.

United States Courthouse,
Western District of North Carolina, Charlotte
I use my iPad every day.  In court, I often take only the iPad with me.  I am not only able to keep up with emails (on a bigger screen), but also record notes, time, and other events more efficiently too.  Those notes are sent to my email – or sent to my assistant.
One of my favorite applications is, simply, Notes.  A yellow pad with a keyboard that not only lets me take notes, but I can quickly email them as well.  If you have an Apple computer, it syncs to the iCloud.  I do not use a cell connection on my tablet – WiFi only- so those emails are sent out the next time my tablet connects with a network.  Regardless of where I am, I can take notes that will be almost instantly used by my assistant to draft correspondence, billing, etc – and saved on my computer, in my email, etc., so they are searchable anywhere if I need to find old notes.
A similar application I purchased is called AudioNote.  It’s a legal pad and recorder combined into one. You can open a PDF document in it – takes notes that can be saved as text files – and also record notes for later playback.  Perfect for reviewing a document with a client, taking notes, and recording comments (if you can’t type quickly enough.)
If you like dictation, Dragon Dictation has an iPad application that works well – but does not have the convenience of the microphone/dictation button that is on the iPhone keyboard (if you have an iPhone – use it for dictating letters, emails, etc.  Its function is far more accurate than Siri.  I had hoped, in vain, that the dictation button on the keyboard might have been included in the latest iPad update – I found that update, sadly, only took away one of my favorite applications – GoogleMaps… [See Gizmodo: Apple’s New 3D Maps Are an Apocalyptic Horror Show])
But in addition to Notes, my second favorite application is iBooks.  If you are emailed a PDF document (or open one from the DropBox iPad app [See Importing PDF to iBooks using DropBox], or open in Safari), click the symbol in the upper right corner to select where to send the document.  If you open it in iBooks – it’s there to stay – regardless of whether you are on the internet.
That feature is perfect to have documents ready for court. I keep a copy of the sentencing guidelines there – anything I might refer to frequently.
The work friendly applications on the iPad have allowed be to say goodbye, or at least
à bientôt, to my bulky courtroom briefcase.

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